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Public Attributes


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Public Attributes

UCHAR ucDockingPinBit
UCHAR ucDockingPinPolarity
UCHAR ucMemoryType
UCHAR ucUMAChannelNumber
ULONG ulBootUpEngineClock
ULONG ulBootUpReqDisplayVector
ULONG ulBootUpSidePortClock
ULONG ulBootUpUMAClock
ULONG ulDDISlot1Config
ULONG ulDDISlot2Config
ULONG ulDockingPinCFGInfo
ULONG ulHighVoltageHTLinkFreq
ULONG ulHTLinkFreq
ULONG ulLowVoltageHTLinkFreq
ULONG ulMinSidePortClock
ULONG ulOtherDisplayMisc
ULONG ulReserved1 [2]
ULONG ulReserved2 [6]
ULONG ulReserved3 [97]
ULONG ulSystemConfig
USHORT usBootUpNBVoltage
USHORT usLinkStatusZeroTime
USHORT usMaxDownStreamHTLinkWidth
USHORT usMaxHTLinkWidth
USHORT usMaxNBVoltage
USHORT usMaxUpStreamHTLinkWidth
USHORT usMinDownStreamHTLinkWidth
USHORT usMinHTLinkWidth
USHORT usMinNBVoltage
USHORT usMinUpStreamHTLinkWidth
USHORT usNumberOfCyclesInPeriod
USHORT usReserved
USHORT usUMADataReturnTime
USHORT usUMASyncStartDelay

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1809 of file atombios.h.

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